Cogitations of Dead Week

Dead Week? You mean Hell Week. Sunday, December 7 7:04pm: I just spent 5 hours on a Prezi for my research presentation. Now I'm pretty sure I deserve at least one episode of Gilmore Girls... 11:36pm: Yes. Sleep. ...

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Into the Glossier


Something that is profoundly special to blogging is the ability to follow and “participate” in the lives of others over a long period of time (given that they continue blogging). The internet tends to perpetuate this strange feeling of connection. I’ve seen Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere go from engaged to married to pregnant with…

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The Sun-Less Sunkiss

This could also be titled, “How to fake looking like a (somewhat) bronzed goddess.” However, I am about to admit something very sad… I went to the pool a total of two times this summer. That’s right, twice. Blame it on my aversion for humid, above-90 degree days, or the fact that I have probably…

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Skirts and Birks

I feel most like myself when I dress in layers; but that being completely impractical in the heat of the summer, this outfit is my attempt at dressing appropriately for the season. The cotton tank (which I accidentally shrunk in the wash and now reserve it to be worn only with high-waisted bottoms) is thin…

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