MADISON MONTEZE was once the cyber-home to the eponymous blog created by Madison Hardt in 2014. But after three years, she said 'enough is enough' and re-developed this website (yes, she coded this herself!) to act as the home for her ever-growing list of side projects. You can see more about those here.

Madison is a soon-to-be full-time New Yorker and an informatics student at Indiana University, which is like computer science but different. Most of her studies were in web development, human-computer interaction, design strategy, and innovation — but she also writes and knows her way around a camera.

Before her dip into tech, Madison's first love was fashion (realized through an early affinity for collecting fashion magazines) and now she's passionate about working where the two industries intersect.

Blame it on her Kansas roots, but Madison prefers to dress in a way that could be described as "prairie chic". She's inspired by New York grit and European classics. Experimenting with style is her one vice, never being one to take herself too seriously. She also has an unshakeable love for the Olsen twins.

You should know that she's an Aquarius. And yes, she will pretend to be your stylist if you ask politely.